Visual Art Program

Junior Program

Our Junior Program enchances learner’s knowledge and confidence by providing activities which will develop early literacy and social skills.

icon-bulb Fun, enjoyable and informative art activities with creative games, puzzles and storytelling sessions. Systematic coloring technique and crafting activities from workbooks and additional learning materials.
  • General Drawing Material
  • Gel Pastels
  • Crafting Tools

A multidisciplinary based art education with the aim to enhance children’s learning abilities & creativity. Our modules enable students to imagine, think & analyse within the system to progress creatively & intelligently.

icon-bulb Simple drawings through various themes projects through observation. Simple toning of colors with the introduction to mix-medium & special colouring effects.
  • Colour Pencils
  • Neon Colour Pencils
  • Oil Pastels

A series of progressive, fun and creative drawing lessons, learners will be inspired to develop their penciling skills and personal style. Exploring multiple subjects through observation drawing ‘technique’ using lines, shapes, grids and perspective drawings. By attaining the theoretical and practical knowledge in drawing, this course serves a great way for learners to build confidence in drawing and a step further to improve their drawing skills.

  • Lines, geometrical and organic shapes expressions
  • Transforming 2D to 3D drawing
  • Drawing through observation/references
  • Parallel and reflective lines drawing
  • Pencil
  • Colour Pencil *Optional

Introduction to creative drawing, using subjects of fruits & animals students will explore a series of story based themes to create their very own original illustrations.

icon-bulb Using a variety of creative steps, techniques and skills to register and expand ideas, composition, drawing and colouring
  • Colour Pencils
  • Oil Pastels
  • Fluorescent Oil Pastels

Introduction to Intermediate drawing, using human facials ad figures expressions students will explore a series of human activities based themes to create their very own original illustrations and posters.

icon-bulb Using a variety of steps, techniques and skills to register and expand ideas, composition, drawing, colouring in reinforcing and establising the knowledge & skill applications
  • Colour Pencils
  • Neon Colour Pencils
  • Oil Pastels
  • Poster Colour *Optional

Explore a series of Visualisation Skills through the study of Composition, Sketching, Drawing, and Shading technique in our Creative Drawing Course, followed by the studying of Painting & Colouring techniques using water based mediums in our Creative Painting Course. With both studied, create expressive poster illustrations using various composition studies and subjects in our Creative Illustration course.

icon-bulb Drawing through the exploration of lines, shapes, forms & perspective drawing, simple composition drawings using a variety of strokes and shading wth tones.
  • Multiple Graded Pencils
  • Water Colour
  • Oil Pastels
  • Poster Colour

Enchanment Program


A series of fun educational arts and crafts projects, exploring the knowledge, techniques and skill to produce decoration and multipurpose products.

Cartoon & Comic

Develop original cartoon/comic characters and strips by telling your own stories through character development, expression and background design.


Our soft and bright coloured clay is a fun medium for children to be imaginative by building 3D model, here they will explore clay through many different hand-building knowledge and techniques.

Acrylic Painting

Welcome to the wonderful world of acrylic painting, explore & learn the very versatile method of painting with a variety of brush strokes.

Cultural Program

Enhance learner’s art knowledge, skills and worldview through a series of art & cultural studies, craft and painting activities


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